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Annie's Fund

Make a Positive Impact for Women

Your contribution is a meaningful way to give back and pave a brighter future for women in dire need.

Please contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Women’s Fund works closely with various non-profit agencies to support women.  Based on your need and the agency that can help, we are sometimes able to help them help you.

Please visit to find a list of agencies by particular need.  Once you identify the agency that serves your need, The Women’s Fund may be able to step in and help. 

Partner agencies make recommendations for grant awards for women in need. Through our collaboration we are able to help women in temporary but immediate crisis situations.

No, Grant recipients are not required to pay back their grant award. They are encouraged to help another woman or make a donation to The Women’s Fund if future circumstances enable them to do so.

Contact us at for volunteer opportunities on the Annie’s Fund committee or any other committees.

Making a Positive Impact for Women

The Committee for Annie’s Fund has approved requests for many types of assistance, including issues related to homelessness, domestic violence, employment, education, health and safety, transportation, and child care. All applications are reviewed and approved on an individual basis, and funds are awarded without bias based upon the merits of the request.

Annie’s Fund does what no other organization can. We are able to help in a timely and appropriate fashion those women who have no other options.