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Wednesday, March 20, 2024 (virtual)

Attended: Debra Altdoerffer, Jan Corn, Joanne Donaruma-Wade, Cara Fenstemacher, Denise Flihan, Cindy Hendrickson, Carol Mandour, Flossie Mitchell, Joanne Moskal, Colleen Munger, Doreen Nicholls, Kathy Perra, Ellen Rainey, Janet Richmond, Michele Sheridan, Kelli Watson, Diane Wolfe

Excused: Ely Arnone-Earl, Patrice Joslin King, Cindy McLean, Kathleen Rutishauser

Absent: none

Quorum:  11

President Janet Richmond called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.

Minutes of the February 21 meeting were distributed to members prior to the meeting, and were approved on motion of Cindy Hendrickson, seconded by Diane Wolfe.

Correspondence: N/A

Talk Around Town: N/A

President’s and Executive Committee Report: Janet Richmond reported that the Executive Committee discussed creating a list of “done-in-a day” volunteer activities that might engage people who are not able or ready to commit to serving on a WF committee. The board agreed that this was a good idea. Colleen Munger offered to spearhead this “Volunteer List Project,” and Carol Mandour agreed to assist her.

  • Committee chairs should send volunteer opportunities to Colleen.
  • These should be highlighted at upcoming gatherings.

Treasurer’s Report/Finance Report

Cash Balances (Bank of Utica) as of 2/29/24                                     $ 37,107 (WF-Operating)

$          0 (WF – for AASF)                                                                                                    (transferred to Baird)

$   7,172 (Annie’s Fund)

$ 15,180 (Isla’s Fund)

$ 50,000 (WF CD 11/24)

$ 50,000 (WF CD 5/25)

Cash Balances (Adirondack Bank) as of 2/29/24                               $  23,558 (WF-Operating)

TOTAL CASH                                                                                  $184,017

Baird Investments as of 2/29/24                                                         $226,127(WF)

                                                                                                            $  35,479 (AASF)

                                                                                                            (Opened 2/27/24)

                                                                                                            $112,950 (AF)

                        TOTAL AT BAIRD                                                                          $374,556

Community Foundation as of 12/31/24                                              $394,521(WF)

                                                                                                            $  11,410 (AASF)

$  24,584 (AF)                       

                        TOTAL AT CF                                                                                 $430,515

TOTAL INVESTMENTS                                                                                        $805,071

TOTAL CASH AND INVESTMENTS                                          $989,088

  1. Financial Statements 2/29/24
    1. Balance Sheet
      1. Cash Position 2/29/24 vs 2/29/23:                        $184,017 vs. $176,901
      1. Investment Position 2/29/24 vs. 2/29/23:             $805,071 vs. $690,614
      1. TOTAL comparison                                             $989,088 vs. $867,515
  • February donation summary: $10,350 to WF – $10,000 from CF and $350 general                  
  • 2023/24 Grants – $10,000 distributed to SUNY Poly in January, $9,560 to MUCC in

February (Rec’d $10,000 in Feb from CF; requested $9,560, expected in March)

  • Board pledge forms for 2024 have been emailed to all members.
  • Colleen Munger reviewed a new budget vs. actual income and expense report that will be shared with board members monthly. She further reviewed some of our regular monthly expenses.
  • Colleen reported that the Executive committee approved moving $10,000 from our (non-interest-earning) account at Adirondack Bank to the Annie’s Fund account at Bank of Utica.


Grants: Denise Flihan reported:

  • She, co-chair Joanne Donaruma-Wade, and outgoing chair Michele Sheridan have met to review the grant cycle and will hold a preliminary committee meeting in April. The amount available for this year’s grants will be discussed at the board’s April 17 meeting.
  • Leatherstocking BSA has requested it’s 2023 funding.

Annie’s Fund: Jan Corn reported:

  • Since the February report, Annie’s Fund has received six requests. Three went to the committee for approval. Three were approved by the respective agencies.
  • The committee approved a request from ICan in the amount of $1,000 to pay for the first month’s rent for a divorced mother of two with a disabled son who had to move from her unliveable apartment due to landlord neglect. She is unable to work due to physical and mental health issues.
    • The committee approved a request from ACR Health in the amount of $1,206.67 to pay for an overdue National Grid bill and a dryer for a retired and disabled woman. She fell behind on her National Grid payment plan when her car needed repairs. Her dryer broke around the same time and her disabilities prevented her from being able to use a laundromat.
    • The committee approved a request from ICan in the amount of $569.99 to pay for a dining table, chairs, and a table bench for a single mother of three moving to a safer location closer to her work. The move exhausted any extra funds for furniture. The table will be used to eat family meals together with her children and extended family.
    • A request from CNYHHN in the amount of $449.00 bought a stove for a single mom of three with a disabled son. She cares for her wheelchair bound son. Her stove caught on fire and she couldn’t afford a new one. She was cooking with an air fryer and hot plate.
    • A request from CNYHHN in the amount of $290.97 bought a couch and dresser for a married mother of one who was recently homeless. She and her family now have an apartment and are on a fixed income with very little money.
    • A request from The Center in the amount of $427.67 bought baby supplies and household goods for a married mother of three new to this country with no income.
  • Annie’s Fund requests have been gradually increasing. The increase of $500 from $300 for agencies to approve requests without needing committee approval seems to be having the intended impact of upping the numbers.

Isla’s Fund: Doreen Nicholls reported that 95% of the students who use C3, the program through which Isla’s Fund works at MVCC, graduate.

Events: Kathy Perra reported:

  • Three “gatherings” are planned: April 11 at Keaton & Lloyd Bookstore in Rome (owned by WIIW winner Julie Whittemore), June TBD at Diane Wolfe’s house in Clinton, and July TBD at Raindrops on Roses B&B in Herkimer (owned by Denise Cavanaugh).
  • Kathy H. is working on a master invitation list; Board members should send the names of people they would like invited to Kathy H. and the Events Committee.
    • Diane Wolfe suggested sending invitations via email rather than snail mail.
    • We will not use social media to announce the gatherings, but will highlight them on social media after the fact. Kelli Watson will take pictures at the April gathering.
  • This year’s Power of the Purse event will take place on Thursday, September 26 at the Yahnundasis.

Development: Cara Fenstemacher reported that she will soon start working with Kathy Hartnett on the Mother’s Day appeal.

Nominating: Janet Richmond reported:

  • The committee will meet in April. According to bylaws, the Nominating Committee can include four board members and one community member. We currently have four board members on the committee.
  • We will propose new board members in May and vote on their membership in June. She encouraged committee chairs to consider community members of their committees who might be good board candidates.

Public Relations: Debbie Altdoerffer reported:

  • The revised website should be ready to go live in May, in conjunction with the Mother’s Day appeal.
  • Debbie discussed the master calendar of social media posts that was circulated to board members prior to the meeting. Janet Richmond suggested that Leigh Ann Dillon hold briefing for board members to explain how they can best support our presence on various social media platforms. Debbie will work with Leigh Ann to coordinate this.

Status of Women: Kelli Watson reported:

  • The committee continues to learn about the NY state law requiring all students in NY in grades 6-12 must have menstrual products available in school bathrooms at no charge. This mandate is unfunded, and its implementation varies from school to school.
  • The committee will continue to resupply products to nurses in Oneida and Herkimer County schools.
  • Kelli will meet with the representative from Women of Walgreens in March.
  • Kelli also showed the vote video that was created in 2020. The board agreed that it still works today as long as the final slide is amended to change or remove the year and update our logo.

Women Investing in Women: Ellen Rainey reported:

  • Baird has committed to a $10,000 sponsorship again this year. Thanks to Michele Sheridan and Theresa Flemma for this.
  • We anticipate a response at the end of March from UpMobility Foundation to our $10,000 grant request.
  • This year’s Women Investing in Women awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday, November 13, at Griffiss Institute.

Diane Wolfe moved to accept all committee reports, Debbie Altdoerffer seconded, and the motion carried.



  • Colleen Munger asked if anyone knew Mary Bonsteadt, who had called the office asking “how things were going.” As no one on the board knew Mary, Colleen will return the call.
  • Michele Sheridan reported that Marcy Matters ran a brief article on the WF’s grant to SUNY Poly.

Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m. on motion of Cara Fenstemacher, seconded by Kelli Watson.

The next board meeting will be on Wednesday, April 17. We will determine whether the meeting will be virtual or hybrid closer to that date.

Submitted by Ellen Rainey, Secretary